Did you know leaking pipes can cost you hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars?

And, you may not realise there is a leak until you get a big water consumption bill.

Leak Search is a well-respected Western Australian owned and operated company and our Water Loss Technicians have more than 35 years experience.

If you answer yes to either of the following two questions, you need to give us a call:

  • Do the numbers on your water meter continue to turn even though no water is being used?
  • Is your water consumption bill unusually high and there is no good reason?

We can conduct various active leak detection programs to minimise water loss, including water audits and leak detection surveys.

We use electronic leak detection equipment to find leaks in residential, commercial and industrial premises. Our team also works closely with councils and government utilities to conduct water audits and help design monitoring programs that could cut water usage costs.

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Water Association

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Operators Association

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Water Corporation

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