Leak Search Water Loss Technicians can carry out swimming pool and spa bath leak detection services which include pressure tests, acoustic soundings and some basic repairs.

How to do a bucket test on your pool to check for evaporation or water loss:

  1. Fill the pool to it normal level

  2. Fill a 20 litre bucket with water to about 40mm down from the top and mark the level

  3. Stand the bucket on say the second step of the pool

  4. Shut off the pool pump and mark the outside pool water level on the side of the bucket

  5. Resume pump operation for 24 hours

  6. After 24 hours compare both levels, if the outside has dropped more than the water level on the inside of the bucket, then there is most likely a water leak and it is not evaporation.

If it rained during the 24 hours, re-do the test.



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