Opening Special - Maintenance Plumbers Leak Detection Kit Model A100*

Mark is the new Western Australian distributor for Sewerin and Rycom, call him on 0411 731 440.

Sewerin is a German manufacturer and is one of the leaders in the world of quality acoustic equipment, which is fully supported in Australia.

Leak Search is proud to be invited to become part of the team, as the new Western Australian distributor for Access Detection.

We have pioneered water loss investigations in WA and we are now supporting the ongoing training of water loss investigations and water efficiency in WA with some of the world’s best quality equipment.

The Kit includes:

  • A100 Receiver, full filter setting through the full range
  • Scan mode for better results, backlight, carry system, and charge cradle
  • EM30 Hi Dynamic Microphone, interchangeable accessories
  • M10 ground tripod, 100 mm test tip 2 x 300 mm test extensions
  • Carry case, Sewerin HD noise cancelling headphones.

This fantastic offer also includes leak detection training and the basic methodology you will need to get started in water loss investigations. Having the best equipment is complemented by having good methodology training and an understanding of the environment that you work in, when carrying out water loss investigations.

Member of the Australian
Water Association

Member of the Water Industry
Operators Association

Member National Location Contractors Association of Australia, certified underground asset location

Vendor leak detection surveys for
Water Corporation

Vendor leak detection surveys for
Busselton Water