Leak Search has developed a method to investigate water loss from trunk mains made from modern materials.

In comparison to high cost internal examination systems, we have an external system that provides considerable savings when covering longer lengths of trunk mains.

This means we can respond quickly to any locations in Western Australia.

We use:

  • Hydro phones and Accelerometers together and separately
  • Utility location using the latest NULCA Australia’s approved methods, including NDD vacuum excavation
  • Elector-magnetic field pipe and cable location
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Thermal imaging
  • GPS locations, and
  • Satellite phone for remote communications.

Please call to discuss your particular requirements.

We can investigate trunk mains including, distribution mains, collection bore mains and sewer pressure mains (same characteristics as water mains).

We also carry out pipe condition assessments; please see historical photographs below.

History of Western Australian trunk mains… read more

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