All Leak Search personnel are trained to the Professional Standard for NULCA Member Locators, Underground Asset Location: R1130909-Certificate III.

It is important to note that we are locating electromagnetic (EM) fields not cables or pipes. These fields are usually circular in shape and the EM fields can be affected by other nearby services which are also carrying magnetic fields, resulting in location marks at ground level being distorted. Services should always be investigated by pot holing to verify the exact location of the utility.

We follow the Main Roads Western Australia Code of Practice for Utility Providers.

Our vacuum excavation service allows access to identify as constructed service locations when planning future projects and can be used for as located services on existing building sites. Utility Mapping can be provided by surveyor's plotting global positioning systems (GPS), which can then be transferred to geospatial systems.

This service can be used for:

  • As constructed information or as located for planning purposes
  • Locate and clear around below ground services, tracing of service direction and marking at ground level - preparation for GPS Survey
  • Trench across multiple existing services
  • Signpost, bollard, fence posts, light pole excavation
  • Soak well and pit installations
  • Footings inside buildings, with limited hard to access by other machinery
  • Cleaning out soak wells and storm water pipes
  • Jetting and cleaning stormwater lines
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Exposing tree roots.

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